February 28, 2013

Progress not Perfection

My daughter is in Kindergarten and is having a hard time learning to read. In an effort to help her stay excited in the process, I bought her a reading game.

Soon after she begins playing I hear her exclaim, “This is the best game on Earf!“
“Earth,” I say.  “Earf,” she replies.  “Ear-TH,” I carefully enunciate.

Then in true Porky Pig fashion she says with a smile, “This is the best game in the WORLD!”

My purpose for giving her the game was to get her excited about reading. Here she was, showing her excitement for the game and I am now focused on her speech.

Then a thought came to mind: Strive for progress not perfection. This is the mantra we must all hold in our hearts. It’s an old adage but it will always ring true. 

I keep reading about potential entrepreneurs just spinning their internal wheels, staying stagnant and never progressing; but not for lack of drive or ability but because of indecisiveness or inaction.  Don’t be the one with all the ideas bubbling under the surface. Don’t lose focus. Don’t make excuses. Make progress, take action.

You won’t be perfect. You can’t be. Strive for constant progress.
I invite you all to comment on how you are progressing in your entrepreneurial efforts.

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