February 27, 2013

I Dare You to be Bold

Remember when, as kids, you couldn't pass on a dare? Well, in that spirit- today I dare you to be bold in the pursuit of your dreams.

This past weekend, I joined a terrific G+ community (+virtual assistants) and soon after, one of the members contacted me privately. She was an administrative professional who was ready to throw in the towel, feeling overwhelmed with launching her home based virtual assistant business.

She worked as an administrative assistant for several years and felt secure in her administrative abilities but found the whole start-up process daunting. Most people agree. But so what?

The more we talked, the more I heard a laundry list of excuses. We finally got to the root of her issue: she was afraid of failure and success. I find this is often the case with budding entrepreneurs.

We went through an exercise of "what if" where I introduced several success and failure scenarios and the more we went through the "what if" situations, the more confident she became when she realized that either she already knew her next steps or knew where to look to find solutions. 

So today, I challenge you to delve a little bit deeper into your internal well and boldly acknowledge your obstacles- and one by one- conquer them.

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