March 4, 2013

Authenticity Failed!

In a world where time equals money, it’s no surprise that people are doing everything they can to increase productivity wherever possible. And so, with the advent of social media, many have done just that. They program their social media accounts to automatically post, cross-post, respond etc.

But when is enough? Are you automating your streams so much that they are being devalued?

Social media is prevalent and can relay timely, relevant content, making it truly a tool to reach the masses. However, engagement is essential to longevity. The key to delivering engaging content across platforms is in knowing why. Be intentional. Write with a purpose.

Don’t just post because you have read that having all the right networks will boost your business or generate traffic. Post because it’s relevant to your base. Be authentic and cultivate a following.

Remember: It’s just as easy for a potential client or your client to click an unfollow or unsubscribe link at any time.

Why should I follow you?

It is important for any aspiring entrepreneur to assess how well they are utilizing their social resources.  Many people just simply say follow me and expect for people to flock to them.  What is the purpose of each social media tool and function in relation to your business? Why is your client following you? What expectations do they have?

This is how I implement social media:

Twitter: This is the space where I live tweet during events, share news, join tweeparties, and connect across the globe with other like-minded people in 140 characters or less. Besides having my blog feed automated and retweets buffered, my twitterfeed is Rachael Alford LIVE. @RachaelChats

Google +: This is where I give and glean insights. It is a truly interactive experience.  I don’t think I am the only one who is in love with the hangouts feature. Because I get updates right in my inbox, this is my fastest social media mode of contact. +Rachael Alford

LinkedIn: This is solely my professional network. I rarely post on this network outside of groups. If we have done business together or share similar goals, I like to see what’s going on in your world and how we can work together to boost our success.

Pinterest: If I see something inspiring, useful or an easily replicable idea, I post it here. You will not see these pins cross posted.

Facebook: My Facebook page is used solely to connect with friends and family. I do not share my Facebook with clients or colleagues.

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